TrizoLEX/100 ml

TrizoLEX/100 ml

cat#:DB9683-100 ml

size: 100ml

For Research Use Only

Molecular biology

Made by DNAbiotech Co. I.R. Iran



:Total RNA Isolation Using DNAbiotechTrizol

This protocol is quick and works very well for preparing 20 to 40 ug of very clean, salt free,
RNA. The RNA prepared from this protocol is ready for target preparation using.

Contents and storage:

Storage volume contents
R.T(15–30°C) 100 ml TRIzol Reagent

Features and Benefits:

• Easily scalable RNA isolation.
• Works with many sources: Tissue, Blood and Cells.
• Economic price.

Signal word: Danger, Contact with acids liberates very toxic gas.

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