Primer and Probe Synthesis

primer and probe synthesis is proud to Using a completely scientific field with the company’s type of activity (biotechnology),  It is hoped to take a step towards serving the scientific community in the country and the probe and primers designed and synthesized by this company can be fruitful.

These primers are synthesized with the following features in the MetaBion German company.

Please download the primer synthesis form HERE and after completing, send to

Issue pre-invoice immediately after submitting the form.

  • The concentration is quite appropriate in the field of research
  • Fair price
  • Trying to get the minimum delivery time (21 working days)
  • Optimal primer synthesis (up to 90 nucleotides)
  • Delivered as lyophilization
  • Perform chemical changes upon request
  • Purification by methods such as Desalt, Cartridge, HPLC, PAGE
  • Specials like Inozin have a separate fee.