Preparation SDS-PAGE gel kit

Preparation SDS-PAGE gel kit


To make up about 40 SDS-PAGE gels and containing 6 liters (powder)
 of ready-made buffer tank

Storage: at 4C

Made by DNAbiotech Co, I.R Iran



QTY Item .No
4C 100  mL Acrylamide/Bisacrylamide-stock solution (30: 0~8 %) 1
4C 80  mL Separation gel buffer 2
4C 35  mL stacking gel buffer 3
4C 2 × 5 mL 5 X sample buffer 4
 4C or R.T 1  mL TEMED (100%) 5
4C or R.T 5g(with 10 tube) Ammoniumpersulphate 6
4C or R.T 6 packs (for 6 L) 1X Running buffer for 1 L 7

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