DAB Substrate Kit

DAB Substrate Kit

Cat No.: DB9689-100 ml

Volume: 100ml

Molecular Biology

For Western Blotting Analysis

Made By DNAbiotech Co. IR.Iran

How does this product work?

This product composed of 2 part, Solution A and solution B. 

Solution A: 1 ml, brown Color, storage -20 degree.

Solution B: 50 ml, clear, Storage: 4 degree.

These solutions should be mix (before use) with the ratio of 1:50, e.g. if you totally need 5 ml of final reagent, mix 100 ul of Solution A and 4.9 ml solution B.

Add this mix on the NC or PVDF paper directly and wait for some minute (this time should be set up by the operators).

After the brown color of the band(s) appeared, stop the reaction by adding D.W. on the paper.

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